Sports Betting

Malaysians are passionate fans when it comes to sports like English Premier League, NBA or motor racing. You know there’s an important match going on when local cafes are filled to the brim.

But there are no reasons to limit your passion to the front of large screen projectors. You can take your passion legally to online gambling in Malaysia. You’ll experience pure adrenaline rush and excitement as if you’re the striker scoring a goal, or a hapless goalkeeper conceding one.

However, getting the right online sports betting sites that are Malaysian friendly can be pretty tough. Some does not allow you to place bets on our local RM currency at all. But don’t let this get you disheartened. 

We’ve put together a list of the best sports betting site that welcomes Malaysians. Not only you’ll feel at home with the bonuses offered, you’ll also be able to deposit in RM. All you need to do is spend some time reading this helpful guide to find the best online sports betting site for Malaysians.

Best Sports Betting Sites For Malaysian Players

Various Sports That Malaysians Can Bet

How We Select The Best Sports Betting Sites

Instead of picking sports betting sites by chance, our professional reviewer measures these sites against a set of criteria that we’ve set:

  • Exciting welcome bonus rewards for new players sign-ups.
  • Great odds and fixtures over a broad range of sports.
  • Diverse and secure payment methods.
  • 24/7 quick response customer support
  • Responsive and compatible with common mobile devices.

Useful Guides For A Great Sports Betting Experience

Online betting sites that accept Malaysian players allow placing bets on favorite and underdog odds. 

These sites usually display the “money line” odds that you’ll commonly find in North American bookmakers. In layman terms, money line odds is an indication of the amount you need to bet to get back RM 100.

Match Odds Explained

For example, the money line odd for Montreal in the Stanley Cup is -200. This means that you are risking RM 200 to win RM 100. However, if the odd is at +250, you’re risking RM 100 to make RM 250 if you win. 

Decimals And Fractions :

It can be rather overwhelming when some sites listed their odds in decimals and fractions. For example, an even-money odd where you win or lose the same amount of money is expressed as 2.00 (decimal) or 1/1 (fraction). Don’t worry if you’re not looking forward to converting odds format as there are various odds converter tools that you can find online.

Markets & Bets :

Online sports betting sites offer Malaysian players huge options of placing bets. You can bet on a single outcome of a selected match or combine a few outcomes together. It’s pretty easy to place your bet online. All you need to do is to add your preferred bets and markets to the betting slip. Then you decide the amount of money as a stake and click the “Bet” button. That’s all you need to do before you join the excitement of the game live.

Point Spread:

You’ll get the option to place ‘point spread’ bets on sports like NFL and NBA. You’ll either bet on the handicap or the underdog team to win the match. There are more examples of spread betting to follow.

And here are how you can bring your online betting experience to the maximum.

Survey And Open Many Accounts

You’ll find that online betting sites vary greatly in their markets, odds and offers. A great way for you to take advantage of this is to sign up for new accounts with as many betting sites possible. Of course, you’ll need to manage your accounts well to prevent forgetting your login credentials.

Prior Odds Comparison

Do your homework by comparing the odds offered by different online sports betting sites. It’s easy and you don’t need an account to do that. You may find your hard work being rewarded with occasional good odds offered by certain online bookmakers.

Take Advantage Of Big Bonus

While online bookmakers aren’t particularly generous with welcome bonuses, it definitely doesn’t hurt trying. On your lucky days, you may find yourself greeted with a few ringgit to place your bet with when you top up the deposit. Sometimes, you’ll be rewarded in the form of cash back or bonuses when you get your friends to sign up. 

Placing Bets Early

Malaysians are famous for their last-minute attitude. Don’t let this affect your betting. It pays to place bets months before a match as odds may turn against your favor when unexpected events occur.

Blacklisted Malaysian Sports Sites

The Best Online Sports Betting Sites For Malaysian

You’ll be spoilt for options when it comes to online betting sites that Malaysians can play.

Many of these sites would tempt you with incredible betting bonuses and amazing payouts when you win. It may sound unbelievable but there are some sites that offer payout when you lose. 

It’s important that you understand what’s at stake before you choose your first Malaysian online betting site. You’ll want to take note of reduced-juice betting sites that offer lower lines than others.

For instance, you’ll get reduced-juice sites with money lines of -105 while other sticks to the standard practice of -110. In terms of money, you’ll only need to commit RM 105 to win RM 100 at reduced juice sites compared to RM 110 you need to stake at their competitors. Despite the lower lines, you’ll want to be aware of the inferior underdog odds offered by reduced juice sites.

You can also find Malaysian friendly betting sites that offer cash back. Some of the sites provide Live In-Game Betting as well. It’s an unparalleled excitement where you get to place your bets in real time as the action is taking place. There are some online bookmakers that encourage you in betting real-time by offering free cash to play with.

The Different Types Of Betting Odds

You’ll find 3 types of commonly used betting odds used by online bookmakers; American Odds, Fractional Odds, and Decimal Odds.

Malaysian Betting Sites Offers More Than English Premier League

It’s a fact that Malaysian are passionate about their football, especially the English Premier League. The only things that top watching the live games at local eateries are placing bets on your favorite teams. The only problem is, there aren’t any actions when it’s off-season.

This is why you’ll need to choose online betting sites that offer more than football alone. Most online bookmakers offer bets on a vast range of sports including NBA basketball, NFL football, tennis, and golf, or in certain cases, all time local favorite of badminton. You may find that some of these sports may interest you as well.

Sports Spread Betting Simplified

If you’re new to spread betting, here’s the simple explanation.

Also termed as line bet, points spread is more than betting on a simple win or lose outcome. In sports betting, players usually bet on whether the final outcome of a match will be higher or lower than the prediction made by the bookmaker. This can be anything like the number of goals scored, the fastest time, etc.  

Here’s an actual example of sports spread betting for NHL matches. 

For the sake of discussion, we’ll be using the two teams from NHL with the standard point spread of 1.5 as follow

Ottawa Senators – 1.5

Montreal Canadiens +1.5

If you bet on the Senators winning by at least a two-goal margin like 2-0 or 4-2, you’ll win the bet. But if the Senators can only manage a one-goal win, scoring 3-2 or 5-4, then you’ll lose the bet as it is below the margin or the spread. Those who bet on the Canadiens will win despite the team actually loses the match.

Here’s another example with a 4.5 point spread between two NFL teams.

Atlanta Falcons -4.5

San Francisco 49ers +4.5

If you’re wagering on the Falcons, they need to triumph by at least 5 points or greater. A winning score of 21-16 will result in a winning bet. On the other hand, a close 36-33 win for Falcons will see players wagering on 49ers winning their bet.

Spread betting is a useful betting mechanism to average out the scores of matches regardless of the sports in Malaysian sports betting. You’ll find that different online betting sites may offer varying point spreads on the same matches. You may get better spread as you compare different bookmakers around.

All You Need To Know About Mobile Sports Betting

When you’re walking through the shopping malls in Klang Valley, you’ll notice that practically every shopper would flip out his or her smartphone here and then. Regardless of age, smartphones have become inseparable to our lives. This paves the way for the future of mobile sports betting.

It makes perfect sense that more Malaysians will turn to online gambling on their mobile phones. Not only you’re free to move around, you don’t have to be confined to bulky computers when you navigate between the bets you’re going to place.

How Online Betting Enhances Your Experience?

Intuitive and responsive apps make online betting on mobile devices a much better experience.

With mobile apps, you don’t have to deal with huge amounts of ads compared to their large screen counterparts.

This allows you to devote all your attention from the game

But desktop has been my all time favorite.

Migrating from desktop to mobile gambling apps is a seamless process. Whether you’re using iPhone or popular Android devices, you don’t have to create new separate accounts for the app.

Most of the top online betting site would have the apps running on compatible devices and automatically linked to the account you created on the desktop. 

The app developers usually design the app to match the theme of the website version. This gives you a familiar feel when navigating the betting app.

Is It Simple To Use?

As online betting is getting more popular with Malaysian, competing online bookmakers scrambled to deliver the best virtual betting experience to you.

This means that apps are getting more intuitive and responsive. It’s also safe to conclude that using mobile apps is at least, if not more simple than using their desktop version of websites. 

What’s The Best Supported Mobile Device?

Generally, users of iPhone, Android, and other less common platforms can expect reasonable options for sports betting apps to choose from. You can download the supported app and start betting immediately.

With that said, most of the betting apps are optimized for Android as it is a more flexible mobile platform to develop for. The iOS based platform may be a turn off for some betting app developers as Apple is known to be pretty strict with development compliance.

Getting the right tips on the best betting apps for iOS will solve the woe of iPhone users.

How To Choose The Best Betting Site?

The amount of betting sites available can be rather overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start.

Our team of professional reviewers tested out hundreds of sites and handpicked only the best betting sites for you. 

Top Sports That Most People Bets On

When you’re so passionate about sports, you’ll wish that the Malaysian sports betting site support your favorites. Most betting sites provide you the option to bet on some of the most popular sports, like NFL, NBA, NHL and the EPL.

WIth 38 games to play, the English Premier League is one of the most popular football league watched by most Malaysians. It makes sense that you support your favorite team by wagering on them while cheering yourself hoarse in front of the big screens.

If football is not your cup of tea, try NBA. When you grew up watching the legends like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, you’ll want to carry the same passion when placing your bet on the right team.

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How To Locate The Best Online Betting Sites And Bookmakers

It can be rather overwhelming for a newbie to place their first bet on Malaysian betting sites. While some bookmakers are more suited to experienced players, others may only provide limited betting experience. Striking the balance and searching for the best betting sites is difficult.

This is where our team of professional reviewers come in handy. We have created a list of the best rated online betting sites that any Malaysian could sign up easily and enjoy a fulfilling betting experience. There’s also the huge welcome bonuses that you can look forward to.

We assure you that only the best online bookmakers pass our stringent criteria. We tested their sites to ensure the appropriate security is in place, and offer a broad range of quality odds, bets, and markets. What’s more important is that we list those that exhibit great customer service. 

Getting on our recommended list is a formidable feat.

How To Start Online Sports Betting In Malaysia

We’ve compiled the best online sports betting sites that are great for Malaysian and the links that lead you to their sign up pages. These sites are not only trustworthy but also offers decent bonuses when you sign up and deposit with them.

Creating an account with these betting sites is free. Do take your time to familiarize yourself with the site or app before placing any bets. If you’re ready to make your first bet, just click any of the top sites.

Sports Betting FAQ

How Can I Bet On Football?

Start by creating an account on a football betting site. Then choose the match and team to place the bet with. 

How Can I Learn To Read The Odds?

You can’t place bets if you’re not familiar with reading the odds. Start by learning the formats that odds are listed in. You’ll usually get odds like 2:1 or 2 to 1 which means the likelihood of winning is 2 out of 3. A 4:2 means the team has a probability of winning in 4 out of 6 chances, which is pretty good.

What Is A Betting Line And How Does It Work?  

It’s a common terminology used in sports betting that involves the team winning margin, the money at stake and the needed points to register a win. The point spread is a common part of the betting line that indicates the margin needed to achieved by the favorite team to register as a win.

Moneyline indicates the amount of winning based on the money wagered. The last element of the betting line is the over under number, which indicates your judgment of whether both teams would exceed or remain below certain points.

What Is The Don’t Come Bet?

It is an extension of the Don’t Pass bet that’s commonly used in craps game that’s pretty similar to a Don’t Pass bet that allows you to play separately on the table.

What “Each Way” Means In Horse Racing?

It’s where you diversify your money into a win wager and place wager. This ensures that you still get a payout, although of a lesser amount when your horse finishes in 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

What Is A Free Matched Bet?

A free matched bet is when you get to play with money received as incentives of free bets that are given by bookmakers.

What Is Betting On The Line?

Betting on the line is where the only decisive factor is whether your team wins or lose regardless of the margin.

What Is Implied Probability?

It’s a true percentage that reflects the winning or losing probability that’s calculated without taking the bookmaker’s edge into account.

Which Are The Best Malaysian Sports Betting Sites?

Our handpicked sites that you can trust and play with ease are  Sports Interaction, Proline, Sport Select and Sportingbet. Check out our in-depth reviews of the sites.