The Best Online Slots For Malaysian 2018

One of the attractions in Genting casino is the popular slots machine. As slots are popular with the local, practically all Malaysian friendly online casinos will include slots games in both their websites and mobile apps.

Our professional team of reviewers have personally checked out the various online casinos and selected the best that offers top quality slot games from prominent vendors like Microgaming and Netent. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the slot games from these online casinos or play a few rounds of free practice games.

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A Guide To Playing Slots With Real Cash

You can find many online casinos offering slot games for Malaysian as it is one of the most popular casino games amongst us. Slot games from these virtual casinos can be played via mobile apps or through compatible browsers on computers.

The types and selections of slots games vary amongst different online casinos. However, our team of reviewers is knowledgeable in online casino games that they would have little difficulty in sorting out the best ones.

It’s quite understandable if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of online gambling sites offering slots games. But you can get started with ease as our reviewers have handpicked the best slots gaming sites. For a start, you can play at the Mega Moolah slot, a renowned slots game that is a huge favorite with fellow Malaysians.

You’ll find that popular themes from TV or movies characters are often reflected in real money slots games. Playing online slots games is a quick process, and that allows you sufficient time to bet.

Playing virtual slots games is pretty simple. For a start, you need to pick the best online casino to sign up. Then you need to head over to the slots game and place the bet you desire. Finally, you get to spin the reel and wait for the results. You can start playing small as most online casinos allow betting from a minimum amount. Besides that, you can also try playing for free with reputable online casinos before committing with real cash.

Slot Machine Variants

Slots machine has evolved from simply pulling the lever and getting 3 matching symbols to flavorful variety today. Online casinos are getting more creative in making slots games more exciting than its single dimensional version. This has resulted in thousands of variants being developed for Malaysian players. However, here are 3 of the most common types of slots games offered by online casinos in 2018.

Classic 3 Reel Slots

This is arguably the most popular slots variant amongst players and it’s also the easiest to play for beginners. It mimics the age-old slots machine where you win the bets by getting 3 matching pictures on the payline. Basically, you’ll find the Classic 3 Reel Slots on almost any online casinos.

Multi-Reel, Multi Payline, Video Slots

With new online casinos popping up all over the internet, it’s pretty heated when it comes to the various offering of slots games. Stiff competition has led to online casinos trying to outshine others with new variants and offerings.

Do not be surprised if you stumble across online slots games with as many as 5 reels and 100 paylines. Besides increasing the number of reels and paylines, slots games developers have also included exciting mini-games that as an additional betting opportunity for users. Extra features like this definitely appeal to players rather than mere spinning the reel alone.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you’re excited about the potential of winning millions of ringgit on the jackpot, you’ll like the prospect of playing progressive jackpot slots. The amount is the jackpots are accumulated as players make their bets. If you’re lucky enough, you may be the next winner of the accumulated rewards. Some of the most popular progressive jackpot slots include Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah ISIS, Arabian Nights, and Mega Fortune. You’ll never know when these games could turn you into an overnight millionaire.

Popular Slots Games Developers

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the seemingly endless variants of slots games offered by online casinos. But behind the popular classic 3 reel slots and other slots, games are game developers that fuel the online casinos.

If you’re wondering who is responsible for creating the thousands of exciting online casino games, here is a quick breakdown.


Most of the online casinos feature slots games from NetEnt. It is a developer well known for some of its popular titles that include Guns’N Roses, Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst and Jimi Hendrix


Microgaming is no stranger in the online gambling industry. In fact, it was founded in 1994 when the online gambling industry is still at its early days. Some of the top favorites slot games produced by Microgaming are Mega Moolah, Games of Thrones and Bridesmaid.

Yggdrasil Gaming

Launched in 2013, Yggdrasil Gaming may be relatively new to the market but that doesn’t stop it from producing specialized titles like Big Blox, Vikings Go Wild, and Legends of the Golden Monkey.

Play’n Go

Play’n Go is an award-winning slot games developer that is famous for titles like Book of Dead, 7 Sins, Troll Hunters, and Cloud Quest. These have won the company valuable awards like the International Gaming Awards.

The Main Features Of Online Video Slots Games

When you take gambling to the virtual world, creativity is the limit for the types of gambling games you’ll get from online casinos. At least, that’s what it is when games developers are concerned. New exciting features are continuously being introduced into online gambling games to attract Malaysian players. Talking about that, here are some of the best features that we love about online slots games.


The payline is the basics of online slot games. The matching symbols on the payline will determine if you’ve won the game. Online slots games have taken the number of paylines to an unprecedented level. It wouldn’t be surprising to have as many as 100 paylines in a slot game although a common number of paylines in most slots games revolve around 25. You have the option of betting on any of the paylines as you wished. However, logic indicates that betting on the maximum paylines will increase your chance of winning significantly.

Free Spins

As the name implies, free spins allow you to gain an additional number of spins without committing any bets. This increases your opportunity of winning without risking more of your money. Some casinos would offer free spin as a welcome bonus to attract players signing up an account for the slots games.

Scatter Symbols

There are other ways for you to win prizes in online slots games, and one such method is triggering the scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are special features in slots games that grants you special bonuses or side games when one or more appear on the reel.

Wild Symbols

All is not lost when you did not get winning combinations of matching symbols on the reel. The wild symbols are special can take the form of any symbols to help you create a winning combination. You’ll find that almost all slots games in top casinos will feature the wild symbols.


In online slots games, wilds are usually used as multipliers. When they appear on any part of the reel, players stand the chance to win double or triple of their prizes.

Bonus Games

Expect fun-filled bonus games when you play online slots games in 2018. They are miniature games that get activated by a specific combination of special symbols. While they are different than slots, the bonus games bear the similar theme of the slots you’re playing. When activated, you stand to win special prizes in the game at a limited duration.

Are Online Slots Games Really Random?

Online slots games are as unpredictable as spinning a dice on the table. Of course, this is only guaranteed when you’re playing by reputable online casinos. The top casinos are frequently audited by a third party to ensure all their games are not manipulated to favor the house.

To ensure true randomness, online gambling games use a random number generator module to create the state of unpredictability similar to a land-based casino. You’ll have the assurance of randomness when playing ad credible online casinos.

Of course, being totally random also means there is no sure-win strategy for you to get better of the online slots games. They are purely based on probability and luck when you hit the button. You can’t plan anything ahead just as you do in poker or blackjack. No innovative developers could change this fact.

How To Triumph At Online Slots Games

For a start, play at the online casinos that are recommended by our team of reviewers. We have tested the slots games with real money and pronounced ourselves satisfied before shortlisting them for you.

Before you start playing an online slots game, it helps to take note of the pay table. You’ll get to know the number of payouts for the different winning combinations. A payout rate that is geared towards 100% means you have a higher chance of winning.

Online slots games are where you stand a chance to win a really big prize by playing with a small amount. It is understandable why so many Malaysian players are so excited about this. Besides that, progressive jackpot slots will favor you the longer the reward is being accumulated. The mathematical odds improve as time goes on and the chances of you winning big is definitely possible.

By now, you would have grasped the basics of online slots games. The next step is head over to our recommended online casinos and starts trying out the slots games for free. Once you’re comfortable with the games, you can switch to playing with real money.

Slots FAQ

How To Start Playing Online Slots With Real Money?

Because of its simplicity, online slots is one of the most popular games offered by top online casinos. Getting started is pretty easy as it’s only a matter of signing up for an account and hopefully get rewarded with a generous welcome bonus. You’ll then get access to the thousands of exciting slots title.

Of course, reading the various resources on our website helps. We point you to selected top casinos that accepts Malaysian players and alert you to online casinos that offer the best welcome bonuses. What’s left is only for you to actually start playing the game.

Is Playing Online Slots Safe?

Playing online slots is definitely safe, provided that you are playing in one of our recommended online casinos. Most online casinos only offered games from a couple of developers. As long as you’re playing in a credible online casino, you should have no issues.

We refer all our readers to reputable online gambling sites. However, if you stumbled across one that’s not mentioned on our list, we strongly advise you to check out the reviews and feedbacks by other players to confirm that it is legit. It also helps if the site has an approval logo from regulatory bodies such as the eCOGRA.

How To Find The Best Payouts?

Generally, the payouts of slots games are consistent for a specific title across casinos. Different types of slots games will carry different payouts. Ultimately, it’s about trying different variants to find out what’s the best lucrative payout that fits your style of play.

While there is a chance to win huge jackpots on progressive slots, the amount of the prize is directly affected by the instance of the last payout. You can try checking out a few progressive slots titles to find out what’s the best potential winning payout.

What Are The Online Slots With The Best Payout?

The progressive jackpots slots in hands down in this aspect. You’ll find that the progressive jackpot offers the most lucrative payout in the entire online casino. With millions of Ringgit on the line, it is only logical why so many Malaysian players are trying their luck to win the jackpot, albeit the low possibility of doing so.

While progressive jackpots offer an enormous prize, the payout happens less frequently. You’ll also have lesser round bonus compared to non-progressive online slots. If the thrill of winning big excites you, choose progressive jackpot, else you’ll enjoy better with traditional slots.

Are Online Slots Totally Random?

Yes, indeed. If there’s anything, the unpredictability of the slots games is beyond anyone’s manipulation. If you’ve come across rumors that certain slot titles or progressive jackpots are way overdue for their payout, it will be wise to dismiss them. If they were true, you would have gotten the news from us.

Every single parts and feature that drive the online slots mechanism are determined by a sophisticated online number generator and driven by statistical probability. In another word, it’s all about luck.

How Do I Play Online Slots For Free?

It’s pretty simple. As you signed up for an account in any of our recommended casinos, you’ll have the option to choose either to play with real money or with practice money. Simply choose the latter and you’ll be able to play for free without risking any of your cash. It gives you a good glimpse into the various slots titles and their respective payouts.

The only exception is the progressive slots jackpots where you need to play with real money. But you can always choose to play on similar themes of online jackpots before returning to the progressive slots with real money.

What Are Loose Slots?

In traditional slots machines, loose slots indicate machines that pay out more frequently than others. The similar applies to online slots games which have a reported higher percentage of payout rate. You can easily acquire the information as online casinos are required to make the payout rates public or risk breaching their license terms.

Loose slots are online slots that have a significantly higher payout percentage than other titles in the respective online casino.