Malaysian Online Poker Sites In 2019

Malaysians love of gamble has taken them to the internet to fulfill their passion for online poker games. With new online gambling sites being launched almost every day, it is almost impossible to sort out the best online casinos without spending countless hours trying out on your own. 

You can stop risking your hard earned money anymore. Our team of professional reviewers went to the extent to personally test out hundreds of online poker sites with real money. Only the best online poker sites that are trustworthy and offer the broadest range of games and tournaments for Malaysian made it to our top list.

If you’re new to poker, our team of reviewers who also tend to be expert players themselves, are more than willing to share their best poker strategies with you. Just get started learning online poker by trying out on one of the selected poker games for free before attempting to play your first poker game with real money in our recommended site.

Here’s what you can expect when signing up for our recommended poker online poker sites for Malaysian in 2018.

  • Get a hefty welcome bonus when you sign up in the form of free RM.
  • Meet pokers of various skill range including some that are more inferior to you.
  • Play in RM and withdraw your wins with hassle-free methods.

The Best Online Poker Sites For Malaysians

Games Variety Offered By Malaysian Poker SItes

It’s understandable if you can hardly confine your excitement with the great variety of games offered by Malaysian online poker sites. You can expect popular Texas Hold’em and classics like Omaha and Stud. There are also games like Pot Limit, No Limit and Limit to keep you occupied. But before you start playing your first game, be sure that you’re pretty clear with the rules. You can check out the tutorials from our recommended Malaysian poker sites before you start dealing with any game.

Blacklisted Malaysian Poker Sites

How Real Money Poker Works

Poker has been played for centuries and now, it’s one of the most played games in Malaysian online casino. It has evolved to various versions with slightly different rules in both offline and online poker communities. However, the fundamental of poker remains the goal of forming the best combinations of 5 cards from what you have in hand and those that are revealed in the flop.

The poker starts with a deck of 52 cards with the King, Queen, and Jack being the highest cards and the numerical cards that the bottom of the hierarchy. The exception is the Ace card which can be played as both high and low, although the former is frequently the case in poker games. 

The cards are segregated into for suits of Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, and Clubs. The game starts when each of the players is being dealt with an initial hand be the dealer. Thereafter, the game proceeds with the flop cards being revealed after each round where the bets are placed.

While there are quite a few winning card combinations, some are higher in the hierarchy. The fact that someone could possibly beat your winning cards make power a game of excitement and one the demands your best judgment. 

It can turn into a psychological game where players bluff each other on their hidden combinations. Ultimately, it’s up to your best judgment to decide on call, raise or fold to prevent huge losses in certain cases.

Gaming With Fellow Malaysian Poker Player

Poker is unique compared to other gambling games to you play online. When you’re trying out your best in blackjack or roulette, you’re trying to beat the house in their own game and win money from the casino. 

Unlike your regular casino games, the Malaysian poker site only acts as a host in a poker game. Instead, you’re trying to duel out with another Malaysian and the money that you win is straight out of their pocket. All poker players are playing with chips that are duly paid for with the deposits that they’ve transferred into the poker accounts.

How Online Poker Sites Actually Makes Money?

If you’re not betting against the house, then how do online poker sites generate their revenue? The explanation is pretty straightforward. Each time you play in a tournament, you’re actually paying for both the tournament and hosting fee. If you pay RM 55 to join a tournament that is actually RM 50 + RM 5, the casino will collect the RM 5 as a fee and the balance RM 50 goes into the tournament prize pool. 

But what if you’re playing at cash tables or ring games at Malaysian poker sites? In such cases, the casino will collect a cut of every pot termed as the “rake”. This is a common practice that you’ll find in the Genting casino or reputable desktop or mobile poker sites.

Tournaments vs. Cash Games

Tournaments and cash games operate on a different mechanism. While cash games require you to bring money to the table, the tournament charges a fixed fee to enter. In a tournament, every player pays a standard fee and they all start with the same amount of virtual chips. 

The goal of the tournament is to stay undefeated to the end, as a grand prize aways the last man standing. But in most tournaments, especially those that are larger in size, cash prizes are awarded to the next few spots. It is entirely possible for dozens of players to win a certain amount of cash prizes in tournaments offered by Malaysian poker sites.

You’ll also find cash games a huge excitement in all Malaysian online gambling sites. You’re free to play with as much cash as you wish and afford. The games are operated perpetually and you can join any time as you wish. If you’ve felt that you’ve won enough for the day, feel free to leave and come back another time. You’ll be amazed by the number of Malaysian players at the table.

Either one of the tournaments or cash games will deliver an exciting experience and cash prizes. But, it’s up to your personal preference in the end.

Cash Games

  • A game is played on a single table
  • You can exchange any amount of cash with virtual casino chips.
  • You can leave the game any time.
  • The same blind values for each hand
  • If you’re out of chips, you can top up and get back into the game.


  • Conducted on several tables at the same time.
  • A minimum fixed buy-in amount that players must comply.
  • The tournament is played until a single winner emerged.
  • Blind values go up incrementally over a fixed duration.
  • You’re out of the tournament when you run out of chips.

Playing With Mobile Poker Rooms & Apps

If you love playing poker, you’ll be delighted that the trend of online poker gaming in Malaysia means that you can practically play the game anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

Our team of professional reviewers has tested out how the various online poker sites fared on both smartphones and tablet computers. We ensure that not only the poker games are compatible with popular devices but also there isn’t any lags or crashes when you’re right in the middle of a game.

Malaysians are pretty savvy users of mobile phones and we tested out the poker games on about most of the brands used by Malaysians. Besides the ever popular iPhones and iPads, we’ve also ensured that the poker games work well on brands like Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Huawei, and others. We wanted to makes sure that you’ll enjoy the poker games comfortably regardless of the brand of your mobile devices.

Top 10 Online Poker Tips

  1. Sign up at play at a credible, trustworthy and a legitimate online poker site approved by our reviewers.
  2. Only bet within the limit that you can afford.
  3. Play freerolls to gain experience if you’re just getting started with poker.
  4. Equip yourself with the right poker strategies from books or our guides.
  5. Judge every game with your gut feelings and know that it’s ok not to play every hand.
  6. Improvise by studying both you and your opponent’s gameplay.
  7. Get used to reading poker pot odds or use an online odds calculator.
  8. Learn how to play multi-table when you’ve mastered the basics.
  9. Poker is all about being patient. You’ll never know if you’re just about to win big.
  10. Know what poker systems most players are using today by learning Sit’n’Go strategy.

Finding The Best Malaysian Online Poker Sites

Don’t be alarmed about the rumors of changing online power laws in the south of USA. Malaysians will find that they’re welcomed in many online poker rooms. While most of them will happily allow you to play with real RM money, not all of them will be willing to pay you back when you win. You’ll be able to avoid such issues when you join only the online poker sites recommended by our team.

The Best Online Casinos For Malaysian

Your journey to hunt for the best on Malaysian online casinos starts with us. Our team of professional reviewers thoroughly tested every Malaysian poker sites to ensure you won’t get your money scammed by unscrupulous sites. We’ve tested numerous sites, including online casino giants like Full Tilt, PokerStars, 888, PartyPoker and bet365 for their payment methods, security and customer support.

While we’re testing the sites, we’ve also identified red-flagged online casinos that are likely to cheat you of your hard earned money. For years, our recommendations have been valued by thousands of Malaysian poker players and you can count upon our reviews to get the best online gambling experience. Without our extensive comparison and ratings, you’ll be able to get started with the best online casinos instantly.

Learn More

We’ve only covered the basics of online poker here, as it’s a huge subject by itself. If you’re raring to get started with playing online poker in Malaysia, here are some helpful link to learn more about poker.

Get your basic poker strategies right with and learn about the various types of online poker that you can play in 2018.

Here’s another site that breaks down the rules of poker in step by step guide that you’ll find it easy to understand.

Online Poker FAQ

Where Can I Play With Real Money?

While there are a variety of poker games offered by online casinos, the best place for Malaysian players to sign up are top online poker sites that offer the most variety of games, amazing bonuses and where fellow Malaysians love to play.

Just create an account with our recommended sites and download their app. When you’re ready to play, transfer your deposit to the account and get rewarded with the welcome bonus. You’re then prepared for endless gaming opportunities any time of the day.

Which Game Gives The Best Return In Money?

The best game for you to make some quick cash against some newbie Malaysian players is the classic Texas Hold ‘Em. If you’re new to poker, it’s a great game to learn the ropes of poker by starting with lower bets.

When you’ve developed mastery in poker, try Omaha as it’s pretty profitable as long as you can make an accurate prediction of your opponent’s card just analyzing the face-up cards

What Is The Most Popular Poker Game?

The Texas Hold ‘Em wins the popularity contest hands down. You’ll find that the game is widely publicised in different cultures and often made an appearance in movies and TV shows. It’s also the main choice of reputable poker tournaments.

Coming closely in second is the five-card draw. It’s widely played by beginners due to its ease of play. You may also find that some players prefer this variant even when they progress into playing another form of poker games. 

Can I Play With My Friends?

It depends. Generally, playing with your friends at online poker tables are not encouraged. You may find yourself discussing your hands and strategies with your friends and that could result in cheating. Conversely, keeping conversations muted can rob the fun of playing with friends.

But there are workarounds for this as most Malaysian poker sites offer “home games”. You can form your own poker club with your friends and have fun with private tables or create your own tournaments. 

How Do I Play For Free?

Just head to any of our recommended online poker sites and you’ll be presented with a “play for free” option. Instead of using real money, you’ll get practice chips that lets you play in certain games that you’re qualified off. If you want to play against seasoned players, simply win more to accumulate more chips.

You should be aware of some sites that get you to buy chip bundles to participate in practice games as these chips are carries no value beyond the site. 

Is Playing Poker Online Safe?

If you’re playing in a Malaysian poker site recommended by our team, you know that you’re pretty safe in all aspect. Top sites regularly check for any suspicious activities like cheating or collusion in games and would ban players who manipulate the system in any form. 

You’ll have the peace of mind playing when you know that these top online poker sites deploy bank-standards security feature to securely store your payment and personal information with high-security encryption. It’s as safe, if not safer than online shopping.