Online Casinos

You know that security is still a concern when carrying a huge stash of RM around from banks and ATM. So stop dropping by ATMs to make a withdrawal. In fact, don’t worry about missing out your ID or dressing in pajamas. You can now gamble in the comfort of your home from online casinos.

Unlike what you imagine, it is easier to enjoy online gambling in Malaysia as the numbers of reputable Malaysian-friendly online casinos is increasing. To help you to enjoy gaming experience, we’ve put together some useful information regarding the best online casinos for Malaysian. 


  • Why it’s better to play at the best online casinos than land-based counterparts.
  • How to get the most out of online casinos
  • Our top-rated list of reputable online gambling sites.

Our Procedures For Rating Online Casinos

Wonder how we always find our way to the best online casinos? Well, that doesn’t happen by chance. Our reviewers have vast experience in online gambling and we knew what to look for in a great online casino and the red flags that we avoid at all cost.

 We’ve personally tried out some of the best online casinos that welcome Malaysian players with real money and games. Instead of randomly picking out our preferred choice of casinos, we asked these probing questions as we tried the sites out. 

  • How attractive is the welcome bonus for new users and is it easily eligible?
  • Can players easily try out new games for free and the variety of games available?
  • The number of customers supports channel available and how fast they respond to players?
  • Software that doesn’t crash while players are enjoying their games?
  • Can players access the online casino on their mobile or tablet devices?
  • What are the minimum and maximum deposit for Malaysian player?
  • Can Malaysian players use RM for their gambling accounts?
  • How fast can the accounts balance be withdrawn?
  • Are the sites reliable and independently reviewed?
  • Is the data and transaction of players protected by advanced encryptions?
  • Does the online casino value their loyal customers with reward programs?

Why Online Casinos Are Preferable Over Land-Based Casinos

Search for “best online casinos Malaysia” and you’ll get a huge list of results that claimed to offer the best gaming experience for Malaysian. Some would even claim that playing at their online casinos beat driving all the way to the only casino in Genting. 

What’s surprising is that we found that the excitement of gaming in virtual casinos actually does match the experience of playing in live-casinos. At least, playing on our recommended list of online casinos does. 

Online casinos have evolved drastically in 2018, and it only makes sense that they now offer gaming experiences that more than rivaled their land-based counterparts. Still feeling doubtful? Check out the comparison of how land-based casinos lacked against online casinos.


It’s so much easier gambling with virtual chips. When you gamble at a land-based casino, you need to withdraw RM from the nearest ATM before getting them exchanged for chips. With online casinos, you’ll be amazed by how easy it is to buy virtual chips. There are various avenues to do so. Popular online casinos usually offer the option of e-Check, credit card or other online payment options for Malaysian players.

Reloading your casino chips is faster too – WIth a Malaysian-friendly online casino, you don’t have to fork out RM from your wallet for physical chips. All you need is a single click on the software and you’ll have fresh chips for your game. No more spending precious time fumbling for cash. 

Don’t worry about seatings – You know that gambling at Genting can mean squeezing with a sea of people at your favorite game. It can be rather frustrating after you endured hours of travel just to get to the casino. On the other hand, playing at online casinos means that you can have the luxury of space and location. It’s your choice of whether to enjoy the game on your comfortable couch or have a quick game as you commute in town.

How To Create An Account With Online Casino 

1. Decide Your Prefered Online Casino

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting an online casino to start with. Instead of feeling lost, refer to our recommended list of the best online casinos for Malaysian players. We’ve done the hard work to ensure you don’t make a mistake in your choice.

2. Create An Account

No queuing at any counters or security checkpoint as you did in land-based casinos. All you need is filling up your basic information like name, email address, and contact. It’s as easy as it gets to start gaming in online casinos.

3. Enjoy The Welcome Bonus

This is where you’ll benefit from the welcome bonus offered by the online casinos that we recommend. Check out what it takes to receive the reward and make sure you deposit that right amount of RM that qualifies for it. You wouldn’t want to miss out the hundreds of RM offered just for signing up.

4. Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

As Malaysian, we tend to like freebies. Be sure that you sign up for any loyalty programs to accumulate points as you play the various games. You’ll find that these points can be converted into great rewards after a certain limit. Don’t lose out on precious points when you get started.

5. Learn Your Way Around The Software

There are bound to be differences in the navigations of different online casino software. Instead of rushing to your first game, spend some time to get a good grasp of how things work in that particular software. You may also want to sign up for receiving email updates of on-going promotions offered by the online casino.

6. Setup Your Payment Method

Before you can start playing games with real RM, ensure that your account is properly linked up to your favorite payment methods. There are usually several options offered by online casinos and you’ll need to select those that allow you to deposit and make withdrawals. Also, take note that some payment methods may incur processing fees. 

What Are Welcome Bonuses

As the name implies, welcome bonuses are rewards offered to new players when they sign up for an account with online casinos. In most cases, these bonuses are only awarded when you deposit money into the account for the first time.

There are various forms of welcome bonuses. Some online casinos doubled your playing cash when you make a deposit while others reward you with free spins for selected slot games. In some cases, you may get to enjoy welcome bonuses without topping up. This normally takes the forms of complementary slots spin or bets.

Each of the welcome bonuses is tied to their respective T&C. Make sure you are aware of the implications before you transfer your deposit.

Updated List Of The Biggest Jackpots

You’ll find that some of the biggest jackpots in some online casinos. As money continues to accumulate into huge rewards, it’s entirely possible to win million of RM in just a single spin. Try your luck with the highest jackpots indicated by this real-time update.

How To Search For A Credible Online Casino In Malaysia

Malaysians are pretty up to date when it comes to mobile gadgets and internet. Some of us literally can’t live without internet access while others turn to online for shopping and paying bills. As more Malaysians became internet savvy, it’s only natural that online casinos are sprouting like mushrooms to offer better alternatives than live casinos. 

These casinos offered top-notch gaming experience with RM. You get to enjoy a variety of virtual casino games like blackjack, slots, craps, roulette and other games that you usually enjoy in Genting casino. But not all online casinos are as legit as they sound. If you’re not being careful, you may get be scammed out of your money in an instant.

Instead of depositing your hard-earned cash blindly to random casinos, there is a better option at hand. Our site not only offers you a list of best online casinos that are Malaysian friendly, we also show you what are the signs to look for in a reputable online casino. Most users trusted our panel of expert reviewers who tried countless of online casinos before rating them.

We’re confident to claim that if it’s not rated on our list, it’s not a credible online casino that you’ll want to place your money in. Do check out our recommended of credible online casinos before you download their apps. It’s a sure way to guarantee hassle-free gaming experience.

Start Playing With Real Money At Online Casino Now

Don’t you agree that getting started with online gambling in Malaysia is so simple? The only thing that you need to do now is to try out the experience.

Stop spending senseless hours in traffics as you travel to the only local casino in Genting. Instead, turn on your computer and sign up for your first account. It’s simple and in less than two minutes you’re ready to start with your first game in a virtual casino. 

Besides, bringing your gambling to online allows you to conveniently switch between various internet connected devices that you owned. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your iPhone or computer at home, you’ll be assured of a secure gaming environment.

And who’s to say that you couldn’t take online gambling beyond the walls of your home? Imagine taking a sip of espresso as you log in to your favorite games at a cafe. Or spend some time of quick games as you commute in Klang Valley. The limits are your internet connectivity. 

Just sign up with one of our top recommended online casinos for Malaysian and you can start to enjoy online gambling anywhere.

Online Casino FAQ

Is online gambling fair?

While they operate in the virtual world instead of brick and mortar buildings, online casinos are as fair as their land-based counterparts. Virtual casinos provide similar gambling experience with land-based casinos with sophisticated random generator algorithm in their software. They are regularly assessed to ensure that the house edge resembles physical cards and dice.

Of course, you’ll have rotten apples in the form of unscrupulous virtual casinos occasionally. But bad reputations spread like wildfire in this industry and they’ll be penalized and forced to shut down pretty quickly. Only credible online casino managed to operate long term in the virtual world.

How Are Online Casinos Different From Each Other?

The most significant differences lie in the form of

  1. Types of casino software used
  2. Bonuses offered

The casino software industry is dominated by around five major players. Each of the software varied in how the table games are simulated and the slot titles. While most online casinos only use a single software, some may operate on two or more software. 

As for bonuses, they are pretty competitive amongst competing for online casinos with some edging out with a high amount of welcome bonuses or increased rate of loyalty rewards. You’ll also tend to notice the various themes used in online casinos, like Egyptian or Ancient Greece.

Are Online Casinos Regulated In Malaysia?

As a country with huge Muslim populations, Malaysia strictly regulates offline-gambling activities. Apart from the sole casino in Genting, legal lotteries outlet and horse-betting, other local gambling dens are considered illegal under the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

There are no laws that state online gambling as illegal in Malaysia. While the legal status of online gambling has not been specified, no citizens have ever been prosecuted for the earnings made in gambling online.

Which Online Casinos Are Malaysian Friendly?

Unlike offline casinos, there are basically hundreds of online gambling sites that welcome Malaysian players. This means that you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to playing exciting online casino games. 

While none of them are based in Malaysia, they accept payment in RM. This means that you don’t have to suffer any currency exchange loss or worry about how our RM is faring against major currencies.

Despite the great amount of choice, our preferred online casinos for Malaysian are  Spin Palace, 888, Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune and Betway.