2018 Online Craps For Malaysian

Online slots and cards games are some of the crowd favorites in virtual casinos. However, online craps stands out as arguably the most online dice-based game. You can find virtual craps games in online casinos that welcome Malaysian players where you can gamble with real money.

Before that, we have prepare this guide that will help you to learn the basics of online craps and recommend you the best online gambling sites to play for free before committing real money into the game. You’ll learn about

  • Placing bets in online craps
  • Playing online craps at a professional level.
  • Finding the best Malaysian online casinos.

How To Play Online Craps

Online craps requires players to roll two dice after bets are placed on the predicted outcome of the dices. Malaysian friendly online casinos usually provides a variety of bets for you to stake real cash on.

The ‘pass line bet’ remains one of the most common bet made by players in online craps. You’ll win the bet when you roll a total of 7 or 11 in a ‘pass line bet’. Conversely, you’ll lose if the total of 2, 3 or 12 appear as the dices are rolled. Any other numbers constitute as the ‘point’.

In the ‘pass line bet’, you’ll win when you hit the point prior to rolling a 7. However, you’ll lose your bet if the opposite is true, where a 7 is rolled before the point. While online craps lack the nose of the crowds cheering, it provides the same adrenaline-rush when the excitement of hoping for a winning number builds up.

Players can place the ‘come bet’ after the first roll after the pass line bet, or ‘come out roll’. The outcome of your bet depends on the point numbers that are already established.

Other Types Of Bets In Online Craps

The ‘don’t pass bet’ is a less common type of bets in online craps. In a ‘don’t pass bet’, you’ll get a win with 2 or 3, and loses with 7 or 11. A 12 is recognized as a ‘push’ where you’ll get your betting amount back while other numbers are considered as a ‘point’. Hitting a 7 before a appoint allows for a win, while hitting the point first will result in losing.

You’ll get even money payout with both types of bet. After the point is established, the bets for ‘pass line bet’ can can be increased and the bets for ‘don’t pass bet’ can be reduced at any moment.

It can feel overwhelming when placing your bets in you first online craps game. But you can take the stress off by playing online craps for free in our list of recommended online casinos. Once you get a grasp of the basic, you can proceed with betting with real money.

How To Win Real Money In A Online Craps Game

If you’re new to online craps, we recommend betting on the pass line bet. After all, it is the easiest bet to start for new players.

You’ll find that the pass line bet, come bet and the don’t pass bet have the lowest house edge in online casino, although there are also other types of bets available.

Internet craps games offer one roll bets that allows you to place bet on the results of the subsequent roll. You’ll find that these bets have bigger payouts but also comes with a greater house edge.

If taking the risk for a big win excites you, playing the one roll bets would suit you. But if you’re hoping to lengthen your playing duration, games with lower house edge are more ideal.

Choosing The Best Online Craps Site

Getting access to the best online craps game in Malaysia is pretty easy. Check out our list of recommended online casinos and sign up to any one of them. You can start playing on the site or download the mobile apps to play on the go.

With the basics of playing online craps, it’s about time to visit the best online casinos and play online craps for real.

Our team of professional reviewers have put together a list of the top online casinos for Malaysians to play with real money. Pick any of them and get started with online craps today.

Craps FAQ

Where Do I Find The Best Online Craps Game?

Due to its immense popularity, you’ll find craps in basically any online casino on the internet. However, you may find that the craps game may differ as they are powered by different casino games developers.

Refer to our list of recommended online casinos to get the best playing experience and also enjoy lucrative welcome bonuses when you sign up for the account. You can also simplify the game by downloading casino clients or enrich your playing experience with live-dealer gamers.

What Are The Odds Like?

The odds depends on the type of bets that you’re playing. If you’re playing Don’t pass/ Don’t Come bets, the odds are almost 50/50. Playing Pass/Come bets will have a slightly disadvantageous odds. You may want to avoid other best that favors the house with a larger edge. For instance, Big 6 or Big 8 provides a house edge of almost 10%.

Playing online scraps gives you approximately the odds as baccarat. But you’ll get to play longer with the same amount of cash as craps involves a number of dice rolls to conclude the game.

Are Online Craps Rigged?

No. While you can’t actually see the dices being rolled as in a land-based casino, the fact is the outcome of the virtual dices are determined by a random number generator. The random number generator simulates the result in an unpredictable manner, just like what you have with physical dices.

Furthermore, reputable online casinos undergo strict third party audit to ensure the games are fair to Malaysian players. And those that are caught will have their sites shut down and heftily punished. After setting up costly investment to set up the online casinos, it is senseless to ruin it by fraudulent practices.

Can I Play Online Craps For Free?

Absolutely. Top online casinos offer Malaysian players to “play for fun” when you sign up for a new account. Here’s one to get started with, where you can practice online craps for free before playing with real money.

In fact, we strongly recommend you to play craps without any real money first. It helps you to understand the basics of the game and the terminology used that some Malaysian players may not be familiar with.

Are There Multiplayer Games For Online Craps?

It depends. Most players prefer playing craps in a private table as this allowed them to take their own time without being pressured by other players.

Despite that, craps is also a social game as depicted in a land-based casino. This is reflected in online craps games as well. You’ll have the option of playing with live dealer craps group where video feeds are used to broadcast a real shooter to players.