Best Online Blackjack Guide For Malaysian 2018

Malaysians are gradually taking their favorite blackjack game to online casino and have benefited from the tips and guides that we have provided. Our team of reviewers tested numerous online blackjack games at virtual casinos to ensure that not only your money is safe but also enjoy lucrative bonuses for Malaysian players.

Read this guide to find out

  • Where to claim the best bonuses
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Our team of reviewers has tirelessly compiled a list of the best online casinos for Malaysian players. You can enjoy online blackjack games for free before playing with real money.

Basic Online Blackjack For Malaysian

Blackjack is one of the favorite gambling game for Malaysian but if you have no idea how the game is played, here’s how to get started.

The fundamental objective of a blackjack game is to have to total of your cards to be as close as 21 without going over. This is true for both free and real money games. When playing with real cash, players would have both of their cards dealt face down while the dealer will have one of the cards facing upward while the other facing down.

In blackjack, each of the cards will have its own value and it is a standard rule followed by all online casino. Face card (king, queen, jack) is counted as 10, and numbered cards carried the same value shown by the number. Of course, the exception is the ace-card where it can be treated as 1 or 11.

An online blackjack game is similar to those that you play in Genting casino. A few players may play against the dealer in online blackjack. But what makes online blackjack a favorite among Malaysians is that it cost lesser and faster to play.

Playing online blackjack is pretty straightforward. You’ll be dealt with to cards and you’ll get to choose whether to ‘stand’ if you’re happy with your cards or ‘hit’ where the dealer will deal you another card.

In online blackjack, you can do a “split” if you are dealt with two similar cards. This splits your cards into two separate hands. You can also choose to “double down” where you double your bet and receive your final card from the dealer.

Strategy For Online Blackjack

While online blackjack is played with a standard set of rules, variations may occur between online casinos.

Online casino dealers usually are required to stand on 17 but some online casinos will have the dealers ‘hit’ on a soft 17. A soft 17 is a set of cards that include an ace and total up to 17 with the ace is interpreted as 11. You’ll also come across a usual practice by online casinos that allow you to forfeit half of your bet without playing anymore.

A great strategy for online blackjack is to double down if the total of your starting cards is 10 or 11. It increases your chance of winning when playing online casino or live blackjack games.

How To Play

Individual online casinos may have a certain twist to the standard rules. To ensure that you get started on the right foot, it is important for you to be familiar with the blackjack rules of the online casino that you’re playing.

Winning at online blackjack is definitely possible but there are prerequisites to that. For a start, you should be familiar with the basic rules of blackjack. Also, do pay attention to useful tips offer on our site that will strengthen your chance of winning.

If you’re longing for the thrill of gambling, and wouldn’t want to spend hours traveling to the Genting casino, online blackjack is definitely the right game to start. You’ll pick up the game easily and start playing with real money.

Online blackjack is arguably one of the most popular gambling games in the world and you can trust on our reviewers to shortlist the best online casinos for you to play in.

Blackjack Casino

Are online blackjack games fair for players?

The short answer is, yes. While it may seem that online casinos are turning in a huge profit, it is due to the odds of the various games and never by manipulating games to cheat players.

Sometimes, it may feel unfair when you’re losing games after games. But these are often down to your luck, just like how you would have mixed results in a land-based casino. Furthermore, the online gambling sites that we recommend are strictly audited to ensure the games are fair to Malaysian players.

Is it rigged?

No. But rather than drawing to a conclusion with a word, it is important to understand how blackjack and other online casino games actually work. They are powered by an online random number generator that provides the unpredictability experienced in a land-based casino. Furthermore, online casinos are frequently audited to ensure that players interest are protected. Some of the top online casinos are even transparent with their payouts.

Financially, it is just not worthwhile to create a fraudulent gambling site just to con money out of players. One discovered these sites are closed down and hefty fines ensued for the owners of the fraudulent sites. Furthermore, the cost of setting up an online gambling site is expensive and no one in their right mind would try to ruin it by cheating their players.

Are there free blackjack practice games?

Definitely. Top online casinos offer Malaysians to play with practice money or RM when they sign up for an account. In fact, you’ll probably want to try playing in an online casino for free before you start playing with real money.

For a start, it helps you to get a good idea of your winning rate based on your current knowledge and skills of the games. Besides that, you’ll also be able to familiarize with the variants of blackjack without losing any real cash.

How many decks are used in online blackjack?

The range of decks can vary from 1 to 8 in online blackjack but you can expect most online casinos to stick with at least 4 or more decks. The reason is that a large number of decks increase the chances of winning for online casinos.

Some players may attempt to count cards hoping to put them to their advantage. We feel that it’s a pointless attempt at the decks used in an online casino will automatically shuffle between intervals with some even as frequent as every single hand.

What are the odds like in online blackjack?

You can expect a generally decent odd for online blackjack where online casino games are concerned. The house edge is around 0.39% and may vary due to factors like the number of decks and the variation of rules.

If you stumble across any reputable online casino offering Vegas Strip single deck blackjack game, sign up and play immediately. You’ll enjoy 0.1% advantage over the online casino. With that said, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll encounter this games on both online or land-based casinos for Malaysian alike.