Online Gambling in Malaysia

You know that getting to the only casino in Malaysia involves travelling all the way uphill to Genting Highland. While you’ll enjoy having fun with the casinos and fun-filled theme park, driving up the casino can be pretty taxing during peak hours.

You wouldn’t want to take your fun to gambling dens hidden in your neighborhood, as they are illegal with the Malaysian laws. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your longing for the occasional gambling fun either.

In today’s modern internet age, online casinos are your best alternative when you don’t feel like spending hours driving to the one and only casino in Malaysia. Unlike the local gambling dens, there are no laws that ban online gambling in the country, of course, unless you’re a Muslim.

Some online gambling sites cater to Malaysian and offer a vast range of games that are on par with brick-and-mortar casinos. But you’ll want to pick the best sites and avoid scammy ones. To be safe, we recommend you to read the reviews by our professional team, who tried out numerous local online gambling sites.

Our reviewers will shortlist the best online gambling sites in Malaysia that offer:

  • Huge attractive welcome bonuses.
  • Variety of games that you can play with real money or try for fun.
  • Top notch customer service and quick payout.

Here’s a list of the best online gambling sites for Malaysian that offers exciting gaming experience, right in the comfort of your home.

Best gambling sites

  1. Bodog – Read Bodog Casino Review
  2. Dafabet – Read Dafabet Review
  3. JackpotCity – Read Jackpot City Review

Why You Need To Choose The Right Online Gambling Site

As Malaysian, we’re proud of the range of delicious food that reflects our multicultural community. But if you’re hunting for the best local delicacies in each state, the right person to ask is the locals who are familiar with the best restaurants or food stalls.

What you’ll want to avoid is to read some overhyped food blog and ended up with mediocre food that you’ll want to forget in no time. It always pays to do your homework well.

The same goes for choosing the right online gambling site. You do not want to end up with another Ponzi scam that uses a legit online casino as their marketing front. With the recent JJPTR scam, most Malaysians would have wisened up.

Instead, you’ll want to select only genuine online gambling site that is focused on providing the best virtual gaming experience without any deceptive tricks. This is where the professional reviews created by our team can actually help.

Spending your time reading our detailed reviews could prevent you from falling victims to some unscrupulous sites claiming to provide online gambling experience.

Why You Should Check Out Malaysia’s Most Popular Gambling Review Site

We tried and tested more online gambling sites than other reviewers out there.

We only recommend 100% secure sites.

Only sites that are tested to be safe and secure made it to our recommended list.

Sites with fast payouts, guaranteed.

We tested with real money and only sites with fast payout are featured.

We help you resolve issues.

Our readers trust us to provide a list of online gambling sites that are trustworthy. However, if you encounter any issues in your gaming experience, we’re more than pleased to step in and help you to resolve the problems quickly.

Blacklisted Malaysian Casino Sites

How We Choose The Best Online Gambling Sites For Malaysian

Those that made it to our top list of online gambling sites met stringent requirements that would please a Malaysian. You do not need to convert your currency and suffer exchange losses. Our recommended site accept RM, and that means you can start playing right now.

Not only these sites offer quick payouts, the range of games offered ensured that you enjoy a thoroughly exciting experience without driving all the way up to Genting itself. All you need is a mobile device or a computer with a decent internet connection.

Getting Started With A Malaysian Online Gambling Site

There are better ways to indulge in your favorite casino games without breaking the law in Malaysia. Instead of settling with below par gambling sites offered by an inexperienced team, choose from our recommended list of international gambling sites operated by professionals who know what they are doing.

These highly recommended sites allow you to play with the RM currency. It saves you the hassle of converting your money. Besides that, you’ll have access to a vast range of games that a reputable casino should have.

The Culture Of Gambling In Malaysia

The fact is, most Malaysian loves to gamble. There’s no harm in playing for fun and enjoy the excitement. But the government isn’t handing out more casino licenses. And with the growing populations, a couple of casinos on top of a highland just isn’t enough.

This is where you need to get creative with online gambling. An increased number of international online casinos are pleased to welcome Malaysian players. It’s time that you embrace the shift of online technologies and take your gambling to the virtual world.

Only Online Casinos Scoring 90% Above Made It To Our List

We don’t place an online gambling site in our top recommended list just because it has a fancy website. Instead, we tested the site more rigorously than you’ll test an HD TV before purchasing.

We wanted to recommend only Malaysian friendly sites that allowed you to deposit and withdraw in RM. And we don’t take what’s stated on the website for granted.

To really rate the site, we make real deposits and try out every single game for the site. Then, we ensure that there’s no problem in withdrawal with every single payment methods supported on the site.

At times, we decided to put their customer service to test, by cooking up some problems for them to solve. As we evaluate these sites in every aspect, we sorted out the greats from the average.

How we rate casinos

Why You’ll Enjoy Gambling Online Than A Live Casino

Of course, the thrill of getting into the casino at Genting can be a fun experience. The feel of the chips in your hand brings excitement into every single game. But there are times where you wished you could play your favorite games without actually driving all the way to Genting.

If you’re living in KL, it takes at least 2 hours just to reach the casino. That is not considering the bad traffic that Malaysian are so frustrated off. Online gambling offers the best alternative to gaming experience right in the comfort of your home.

Download the Best Online Gambling Sites – FREE

If you’re putting off your plan to travel and all game to start with our recommended online sites, head over to our download links and get the best online gambling software that any Malaysian would enjoy.

Enjoy great welcome bonus on any of the sites that we recommend. You can also try out the games for free before depositing actual RM into your accounts at the site. Getting started is just a step away by clicking the top recommended sites below.

Malaysian Gambling FAQ

Is Online Gambling Legal In Malaysia?

As a Muslim majority country, gambling is a tightly controlled activity in Malaysia. Apart from the sole casino operating in Genting Highland, horse racing and lotteries are the only legal gambling avenues for Malaysian.Local gambling dens are strictly illegal and those who are caught participating in such activities are punishable by law in the Common Gaming Houses Act 1953.

Online gambling is an area that is not deemed illegal under the Civil Law Act 1956. There are no laws that describe the earnings gained by online gambling as illegal. The grey areas in many areas of the document ensure that no local online players have ever been prosecuted for their online gambling activities.

Is The Online Gaming Site Available On Mobile?

As with any modern websites, the best online gaming site is totally responsive to mobile devices. You can grab your Android or IOS based smartphone and get started with one of the recommended online gambling sites immediately. You’ll enjoy the same great experience on mobile as you did on a computer.

Is There A Malaysian Based Online Gambling Site?

While not technically a Muslim country, Malaysian population are comprised of a Muslim majority. Gambling is a strictly controlled activity in the country and the government has stopped offering a license for new gambling spots.

This means that there are no online gambling sites operating from Malaysia itself. But this shouldn’t be a put off to your gaming experience as the sites that we recommend are international gambling sites operated by professional teams.

What Games Can I Expect?

Rest assured that there will never be a dull moment with our trusted online gambling sites. A horde of games like baccarat, blackjack, slots, and roulette awaits you as you access the online casinos from any of your devices.

Live Casino Gaming In Malaysia

Here’s the one and only recommended live casino in Genting Highland Resort.

Genting Resort World

Gaming Responsibly in Malaysia

We advocate gaming responsibly in Malaysia. It should be for pure fun and entertainment. Here are some local organizations to seek out if you feel that gambling has become a serious problem in your life.

Gamblers Rehab Centre Malaysia –  A community-based rehab center that offers counseling and support for hardcore gamblers.

Solace Sabah – An addiction treatment facilities that include counseling and therapy for gambling addiction.